On 25 August 2021, the first workshop of the adaptation process took place in Eger, organised by the Interregional Forum Association, where the training of Smart Mentors and the curriculum development process started.

“In this project, we are implementing a seven-step adaptation process that builds on each other; we have developed a “training” for teachers to develop digital curricula while learning about ICT tools and their role in everyday teaching.”

During the workshop we provided participants with joint technical and professional-methodological training. The programme focuses on the development of skills in the use of modern digital learning support tools and curriculum development competences through the https://tanlet.classyedu.eu platform. We aim to develop a useful skill structure and approach that can be used in teaching in the long term. At the same time, the collaborative work will result in a high quality curriculum, produced by practising teachers, with content aimed at the 8th grade exit level, which will be tested by teachers in real school environment with the help of their own students.

Thematic groups were set up among the participating teachers in hungarian language and literature, mathematics, natural science and history. As a result of the joint work and exchange of professional experience, pedagogical concepts for the teaching materials were developed. The work will continue under the guidance of the thematic coordinators until the next workshop.